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Upgrade to latest build : 4590

Choose your existing build number
  • Choose your existing build number
  • Build 4550 to 4580
  • Build 4350 to 4500
  • Build 4000 to 4300
  • Build 3700 to 3900
  • Build 3600

How to locate my build number?

Download service pack 4590 and follow the upgrade procedure to advance to build 4590.

    It will be a two step upgrade process to get to the latest build (4590).

    It will be a three step upgrade process to get to the latest build (4590).

    It will be a four step upgrade process to get to the latest build (4590).

    It will be a five step upgrade process to get to the latest build (4590).

    Get to know more about the latest features, enhancements and issues fixed in the release notes.
    If you are new to Zoho Analytics, please download the Full Build.

    How to locate my build number?

    • In the Zoho Analytics application, click on the Help icon present on the top right corner.
    • Click on the About menu item.
    • In the information displayed, you can find the build number.
    • Check the image guide to locate the build number.

    Instructions to upgrade :

    Follow the below steps one by one, do not skip any steps.

    • Shut down Zoho Analytics.
      • Windows installations- Open the services window (Run--> services.msc) and stop the 'Zoho Analytics service'. The other two Zoho Analytics services (Accounts and reports) will shutdown automatically.
      • Linux installations- Run the command from the directory \ZohoAnalytics\bin
    • As a best practice, take a complete backup of 'Zoho Analytics Home' folder.
    • The Zoho Analytics installation directory should have the following permissions configured.
      This is a pre-requisite for a successful upgrade. This permission can be revoked after the upgrade is complete.
    • Run the UpdateManager.bat script (sh for Linux) under the Zoho Analytics Home/bin folder which invokes the
      Update Manager tool.
    • Browse and select the Service pack file (.ppm) saved in your computer.
    • Click Install to initiate the upgrade process.
    • Once you see the Installed message on your screen, click Finish to complete the installation.
    • Start Zoho Analytics application.


    • < Zoho Analytics Home> refers to the directory in which you have installed the Zoho Analytics product. This directory location is specified by you when you install the product.
    • While upgrading to build 4550, please free up sufficient disk space for a successful upgrade. Additionally, as we are upgrading your underlying database, this upgrade will take longer than usual. Both upgrade completion time, and the disk space required will depend on the amount of data present.

    Need Help?

    Want help with upgrading to the latest version of Zoho Analytics? Please email us at