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Understand your SEM/SEO performance in great detail. Track KPIs in real-time and search engine trends over time. Stay up-to-date on top performing search queries.

Google Search Console

Analyze your Google Search Conversions

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  • Country-wise Insights

    Track key metrics relevant to website traffic and performance, across different countries in the global map. Dissect the performance by geography for specific and key landing pages too.

  • Device-based Performance

    Breakdown the site performance by average position, clicks, impressions and CTR across desktop, mobile, tablet and other devices. Measure these metrics across the timespan of your choice.

  • Page-level Tracking

    Measure key performance metrics for each specific page in the website. Segment the values by popular search queries, relevant to that particular landing page.

Country-wise Insights
Device-based Performance
Page-level Tracking

Empower your marketing team with Google Search insights

Zoho Analytics enables you to analyze your Google Search Console data easily. It lets you slice and dice your Google search data the way you like and create reports & dashboards. You can analyze your impressions and click rates, create conversion funnels, track your overall search engine marketing/optimization campaigns' performance, and do much more.

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    Smart analytical assistant

    Type out your questions, and see Zia, our AI-powered assistant, come up with suitable answers in the form of reports and KPI widgets.

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    Embedded analytics

    Get a powerful BI, reporting, and analytics solution in your own brand name, embedded within your product/application or set up as a standalone portal.

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    Ready-made visualizations

    Get access to 75+ hand-picked, ready-made reports and dashboards that you're sure to love and use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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"Zoho Analytics is an easy to use business intelligence tool. There are many integration options; The recommended tables are often useful. Creating custom charts and tables, then organizing them into dashboards is where this software shines."

Michael Torres

Marketing Director, Fabrication Enterprises Inc

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