Zoho Advanced Analytics provides you with in-depth e-commerce analytics of your Shopify store data. It is a simple to use, AI-powered, self-service app providing 360-degree insights of your Shopify data. 

Zoho Advanced Analytics offers you 100+ prebuilt reports and dashboards that will help you make informed decisions with its business-driven metric analysis. These views will help you perform deep analysis of your product performance, shipment handling, customer preferences, order transactions, inventory management data. You can also create your own reports for Adhoc analysis.

Zoho Advanced Analytics is offered as part of the Shopify Market plug-in. This app comes with the following salient capabilities:

  • Zoho Advanced Analytics enables you to derive business outcomes based on deep analysis.
  • Hand-picked 100+ reports & dashboards that will help you perform deep e-commerce analysis.
  • Create your own reports for Adhoc analysis.
  • Ask Zia (Zoho's smart and Intelligent Assistant), trained app.
  • Easy to adopt 'spreadsheet-like' interface with powerful drag & drop based reporting features for quick report creation.
  • Visual Analysis capability for in-depth analysis and to slice & dice your data. 
  • Data alerts to track vital changes in your key business metrics.
  • Advanced formula engine for deriving key business metrics from your data. 
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) driven querying for powerful data preparation and report creation.
  • Email, Export, and Print reports in a variety of formats.
  • Highly secure as all users login only over HTTPS (SSL connection). All your data and reports are hosted in secure data centers.
  • Blend data with other data sources like files/feeds to perform end-to-end cross-functional analytics.

User Manual

Getting StartedThe topics below will help you quickly get started with Zoho Analytics.
Prebuilt Analytics using ShopifyWhen you setup/configure Zoho Advanced Analytics, 100+ default reports & dashboards will be automatically created. These hand-picked reports give a deep insight into your store in great detail. 
Create your OwnYou can also customize the prebuilt reports and dashboards or create your own to tailor to your needs. This section details about creating your desired views.
Data Preparation, Import, & BlendingZoho Advanced Analytics provides powerful options to structure, cleanse, enhance, and add further insights to your data. This enables you to transform your data set for effective/easy analysis & reporting.
Augmented & Deep AnalysisYou can further fork your data using the below listed augmented analytical capabilities. 
CollaborationYou can easily export/email the views created in Zoho Advanced Analytics. This section details about:


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