A Comprehensive Guide to Market Research

Avoid making costly mistakes with market research. Learn the data-driven approach to creating a marketing strategy and messaging that's naturally persuasive to your ideal customers.


Introduction to Market Research: What It Is and Why You Need It

Have you ever read a mystery novel you really enjoyed? If so, you understand the thrill that comes with getting to know a cast of characters, finding... Read more

Introduction to Market Research: When and How to Start

Welcome back to our introduction to market research! As you probably remember, we first introduced the idea of market research by comparing it to... Read more

Conducting a Situation Analysis: The SWOT Analysis

You might be approaching your market research campaign with a specific question already in mind. Or maybe you have a few areas you want to research,... Read more

Using Your SWOT Analysis to Drive Your Market Research

Now that you’ve already done the intensive work of conducting a SWO T analysis with your team—assessing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities,... Read more

Conducting Competitor Research 

While it can be split many ways, market research takes two basic forms: primary and secondary. The latter—secondary research—deals with data that... Read more

Resource List for Secondary Market Research

While it won’t give you specific answers or intelligence about your business, secondary market research is critical to running a successful... Read more

Conducting Primary Market Research

If you’ve been following along with us on this market research journey, you’ve already conducted a situation analysis to determine your... Read more

Creating a Killer Market Research Survey

Sometimes the best way to discover what your target market really thinks of your business is simply to ask it. If you’ve been in business for more... Read more

Using In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups for Your Market Research

In the last section, we tackled the market research survey—that fixed set of questions you send out to a segment of your market for feedback on some... Read more

Best Practices for Moderating and Analyzing Interviews and Focus Groups

Deciding which method of primary research is the best strategy for your market research question is big enough to be its own topic. In the last... Read more