Purchase Order

In this document, you’ll find all the information you’ll need to get started on Purchase Orders in Zoho Books. Learn what a Purchase Order is, how to create one in Zoho Books and how to send your first Purchase Order to your vendor.

What is a Purchase Order?

A purchase order is an official document that a buyer issues to a seller, indicating relevant information about what they want to buy, the quantity, the price agreed for that particular product or service.

Why issue a Purchase order?

To start using Purchase Order in Zoho Books, you need to enable it from your Settings. Please follow the steps below to enable Purchase orders.

Enabling Purchase Order

Enable purchase orders

Creating a new Purchase item

Before you proceed to creating a purchase order, you can create an item.

Creating a new account: Create a new Cost of Goods sold(COGS) account in the Chart of accounts tab under settings found in the left bottom corner. The COGS account is necessary to map the item that is purchased, to your accounting books.

Creating a new item: If you would be buying an item on a regular basis, you can create the item as a purchase item and map the same to a COGS account that you already have(If you do not have one, create a new COGS account). You can create it in the items tab under settings, or when creating the purchase order.

Creating your first Purchase Order

Create purchase order

Purchase order T&C, email id, delivery Address

(All the above is possible only once you enable Purchase Order for your account)

Purchase Order Fields Explained

Editing a Purchase order

Edit a purchase order

Convert Purchase Order to a Bill

Convert purchase order to a bill

Other actions in Purchase Order

More actions in purchase order

PO Customization

Stamp your own style on your orders. You can fashion your purchase orders to suit your requirements, as well as personalize the accompanying mail. Here’s how,

1.Steps to customize your PO Template

Customize purchase order templates

2.Steps to customize your PO Mail

Customize purchase order email templates

Import and Export your Purchase Orders

Data transfer and mapping is smooth and hassle-free in Zoho books. The new individual import and export features focus on compatablity and ensure error free data translation.There are two ways to import your Purchase Orders,

1. Importing from within the PO section

Import purchase orders Select file to import

2. General Import and Export

To import and export purchase order, simply go to Settings and select More Settings. On the navigation panel on the left, select the option ‘Import and Export’. Click on the drop down and select ‘Purchase Orders’ and you’re good to go. Remember that Purchase Orders should be imported in CSV or TSV format only, and exported in CSV or XLC format only.

Import and Export purchase orders