Getting Started

Welcome to Zoho Books, an online accounting application that takes care of the accounting needs of your business. Zoho Books is a cloud based accounting software in which you can record, audit and analyze all financial transactions easily. With a secure repository of data, an easy to use navigation and customizable features, Zoho Books provides a head start in accounting for small businesses.

System & Browser requirement for Zoho Books

To use Zoho Books you only need a Web browser. So, let’s get started!

Being a cloud based accounting solution; you can easily access it using any popular web browser. Currently Zoho Books has been tested to work fine on the following browsers.

You may click on the respective browser links to download/update your browser.

For Mobile users with IOS, Android & Windows phone, know more about our Zoho Books apps

Zoho Books Login

If you are a new user, you need to sign-up first for your 14 days free trial. The log in & sign up buttons are provided on the Zoho Books home page.

Zoho Books Login

Follow the below steps to quickly fill in the requisites.

Zoho Books Signup

Quick Set-up

Once you have logged in to Zoho Books, setting up your organization is a breeze. Click on the Quick Setup button on the dashboard.

Zoho Books Signup

The quick Setup page has 4 major aspects to start with, viz: Organizational Details, Taxes, Accountant & Users and Bank Accounts.

Organizational Details: You can do a quick start by following these steps:

Quick Setup Org profile

Taxes: The finances of your business are affected by regulatory taxes and each organization has different country specific taxes to adhere to. You can add your taxes in the Quick Setup by following these simple steps.

Quick Setup Taxes

Accountant & Users: You can add accountant or other users and assign various roles to be performed on Zoho Books. To add users follow these steps:

Note that when you select the role, right below the Role field a small description of the selected role will be displayed.

Quick Setup Accountant

Bank & Credit card Accounts: For the organization’s cash flow to be recorded and accounted properly, Zoho Books provides automation by linking your bank and credit card accounts with bank feeds to fetch transactions into your Zoho Books account. To add Bank or Credit card accounts follow these steps:

Quick Setup Bank & Credit card Account