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Items in Zoho Books

Items are the products that you sell or services that you render to various clients and can be purchased from various vendors in a business. Create and manage the items your business deals with and also create price lists for specific clients.

Managing Items

Managing Items

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to create, edit and manage the items dealt in your business

Creating a New Item

New Item

Items new form

Importing & Exporting Items

You can now import items into your Zoho Books account from a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) or TSV (Tab-Separated Values) File and export items created from your Zoho Books account as a CSV or XLS file.

Importing Items

Items Import

Item Import - Select file

Item Import - Character encoding type

Click on Next to finish importing the items from the file you have chosen to upload.

Exporting Items

Item Export

Item Export - Export as CSV

Item Export - Export as XLS

Other Actions

You can also mark your items as Active, Inactive and Delete your items.

Bulk actions

Item delete