Frequently Asked Questions

The list of questions and answers below, are about getting started with Zoho Books and other preliminary questions about Zoho Books and it's pricing.

Should I provide my credit card details while signing up?

No, you are asked for only your email address at the time of signing up. You will need to enter your credit card information only at the time of subscribing.

Is Zoho Books a free accounting software?

Zoho Books is not free for use at this point except during the 30-day trial period. You get to use all available features of Zoho Books at a flat rate of $24. There is one standard price, so you wouldn't need to get confused over what plan you should be opting for. It's more of pay up and grab everything at hand. Then again, you can choose the period of subscription. If you would go yearly or stick to monthly. Yearly plans comes with a 10% discount.

What features do I get as part of my subscription?

As there's only one pricing model, your $24 subscription comes powered with every available features. Check out the page on pricing & features to know more.

While signing up, I get the message that my email is already registered.

You can try retrieving the password to your account with your email address. To do this, click the Forgot Password link.

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