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May 29

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R "Ray" Wang

Principal Analyst & CEO Constellation Research, Inc..

R "Ray" Wang is also the author of the popular enterprise software blog "A Software Insider’s Point of View". With viewership in the millions of page...

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Brent Leary

co-founder and Partner of CRM Essentials LLC

Brent Leary is a crm industry analyst, advisor, author, speaker and award winning blogger.

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Doug Sleeter

Author, Thought Leader, Publisher, Educator, Advisor, Entrepreneur, Evangelist.

Doug Sleeter is a passionate leader of innovation and change in the small business accounting technology world.

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Robert Scoble

Startup Liaison Officer, Rackspace

I'm a geek who grew up in Silicon Valley (my dad was an engineer at Lockheed) and since 1985 I've been building online communities..

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Sridhar Vembu

Sridhar Vembu co-founded Zoho Corp (originally known as AdventNet) in 1996...

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Chris Silva

Chris Silva is an Industry Analyst focusing on mobile, where he helps end-user...

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Raju Vegesna

Raju is the evangelist for Zoho. In his 12 years with the company,

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Rodrigo Vaca

Rodrigo Vaca is Zoho’s Vice President of Marketing, where among other things he is responsible for branding...

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Raj Sabhlok

Raj Sabhlok is the president of ManageEngine and, both divisions of Zoho Corp.

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Ian Wenig

Ian is the Senior Director of Business Development for Zoho; managing the reseller partner program as well as strategic...

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Bence Orlai

Bence heads the consulting division at Los Angeles based ViWo. one of Zoho’s top certified CRM consulting partners...

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Bharath Sridhar

Bharath Sridhar is Director of Cloud Infrastructure and Technology at Zoho...

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Ricky Thakrar

Manager of Sales Operations, US, Canada, and South America.

Ricky Thakrar is one of the Pre-Sales Engineers here at Zoho. He focuses mainly on Zoho CRM providing customers...

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Tejas Gadhia

Over the past five years, Tejas Gadhia has dedicated himself to becoming an expert in customer service...

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Arun Sasikumar

I joined Zoho in 2009 as Zoho CRM Support Engineer with several years of experience...

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Gopal Sripada

Gopal Sripada is one of the founding members of the Zoho CRM product team. During initial stage of development...

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Sharanya Ramachandran

Sharanya Ramachandran manages Product Marketing for Zoho Campaigns where among other things she's responsible...

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