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Save time, create integrated experiences. See how connecting Writer’s Merge APIs with workflow automation can be a game-changer for your business.

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Create custom documents for new leads

Every time you add a new lead in Zoho CRM, Writer generates a prefilled document with contextual information to attach in your response email.

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Create custom documents for new leads

Generate product quotes quickly

Use Writer to automatically create a quote document that pulls price information  from any products in your Zoho CRM database.

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Generate product quotes quickly

Get custom documents signed upon job completion

Upon task completion, set Writer to automatically generate documents with information filled in by your executives. Then, send it on to signatories for approval.

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Get custom documents signed upon job completion

Generate prefilled documents with new form responses

Collect information from your team members—such as new hires during onboarding, or marketers speaking at an event—with Zoho Forms or a Zoho Creator custom application to easily generate custom documents for them.

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Generate prefilled documents with new form responses

How it works


Create a document template


Connect the document with your existing workflow on other applications


Map Merge Fields with fields in the data source


Custom documents with data taken from your source are generated when a trigger event is executed

(For documents that need to be signed, Writer sends the document to Zoho Sign)

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The possibilities are infinite

With all our connectors available on Zoho Flow and Zapier, you can add Writer's document automation to thousands of apps and workflows with just a couple of clicks. Let your creativity run wild and create the best possible experience for your customers.

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possibilities are infinite

The best ways to start connecting

  • Dive into our detailed API documentation to learn about available connectors.

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  • See how you can build custom connectors using Zoho's custom scripting language.

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  • Let an expert from our team help you set up your first workflow

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