Merge Document


This API will allow you to generate documents and merge them.

HTTP Request URL


Path Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
Mandatory Parameters
document_idStringSpecify a unique id for the writer document.

Body Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
Mandatory Parameters
output_formatStringSupported formats are pdf, pdfformdocx, html, zfdoc and zip (only html). Specify a format in which you would like to download the merged document.
You can provide the data in any one of the below formats
merge_dataJSONObjectPass a String value through 'data' key as JSON Array.
merge_data_csv_contentFileProvide the required csv content in your API request body.
merge_data_json_contentFileProvide the required json content in your API request body.
merge_data_csv_urlurlProvide the required csv url in your API request body.
merge_data_json_url urlProvide the required json url in your API request body.
Optional Parameters
passwordStringSpecify a password if you would like to protect the merged document.

Specify the response_type value as "link" to download the document using a link.


Specify a name (without extension) for the merged document that needs to be downloaded.

For example: "filename = test" (extension will be automatically added based on the provided 'output_format')


Specify the third party sign service name with respect to which the merged document needs to be generated.

Possible values are adobesign and docusign. By default, it will be zohosign.

test_modeBoolean (true/false)

Using this param, you can test the Merge APIs without consuming any credit points. The output file will contain a watermark as it is used only for testing purpose.

Test mode limit: 50 merges/day for an org.


Sample Request

Copiedcurl --location --request POST "" \
  --header "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken xxx.yyy.zzz" \
  --form "output_format=pdf" \
  --form "password=***" \
  --form "merge_data={\"data\":[{\"name\":\"Amelia\",\"email\":\"\"}]}"

Deluge Snippet

Copieddata = Map();
data.put("InvoiceDate","27 May 2022"); 
data.put("InvoiceAmount","$100");param = Map();
param = Map();
info param;
email = "";
response = invokeurl
	url: "*****e46ed8331f25aaece75dd/merge"
info response;

The document will be downloaded in the form of bytes.

If the 'response_type' parameter is passed, the response will be as the following:

Sample Response

   URL :