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Drawing from the perspectives of more than 1,700 respondents across various regions, experience levels, sectors, and organization sizes, our in-depth report sheds light on the multifaceted nature of email security awareness today. It unveils key insights into the differential preparedness and risk awareness that define contemporary cybersecurity landscapes.

Inside the report:


    The global email security awareness average is a concerning 51%, underscoring a pressing need for strategic security enhancement globally.


    Disparities within regions are stark; North America leads with a 62% awareness score, while Asia shows a lower-than-expected 43.2%, indicating a significant gap in knowledge that must be bridged through focused training initiatives.


    Senior level employees exhibit strong email security awareness globally with scores around 55%, while junior-level employees are at high risk with an awareness score of just 41%. But notably, in the government sector, juniors have outperformed seniors, reflecting an average awareness score of 60%.


    Contrary to expectations, our analysis reveals that in sectors like retail, junior employees in regions such as South America demonstrate higher awareness (60%) compared to the global average, suggesting that smaller organizations might be more agile in adopting cybersecurity practices.

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