Online document collaboration perfect for all organizations.

Small Creative Teams


Organize Work

Organize all your product requirements-- like user interfaces, icons etc.-- in a centralized location that can be accessed by team members.


Virtual Teams

Build virtual teams using wikis to review work, access team documents from a remote location for faster decision making.



For Students

Create virtual classrooms where students can access assignments, lectures, course content, academic schedules, and videos.


For Teachers

Organize class or course-based information through workspaces. As well, create portals to maintain a list of completed courses, specializations, research interests.

HR professionals


Employee Portal

Create a centralized employee portal to capture essential employee-related information, such as leave policies, holidays, insurance policies and travel itineraries.


Training Material

Maintain a portal containing all training materials to enhance learning.

Online Manuals


Help Documentation

Create wikis for your product's help documentation. Maintain pages for FAQ's, API guides, terms and conditions among others. Embed images, illustrations and videos to make your content more engaging.


Service Guides and Catalogs

Create service guides, owner manuals and repair manuals with instructions for installation, setup and safety.

Ideal for all organizations.

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