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Zoho Wiki is commonly used for building Enterprise Intranets, Team Collaboration, Online Knowledge Base and in Education

Enterprise Wiki

Enterprise Wiki

Wikis are now being implemented in many organizations for group collaboration and content sharing among their company employees. Corporate wikis come handy when you want to disperse information to everyone or privately share project details with your teams. Zoho Wiki makes communication within your business easier and it comes with enterprise-level security and fine grained access controls. Discover how best you can make use of Zoho Wiki to encourage active participation and knowledge sharing.

Team Collaboration-Wiki

Team Collaboration

Workspaces within the organization wiki allow the teams to have their own space and at the same time collaborate with other groups for effective knowledge sharing. Keep information private or share it with your group or organization. Each team can have separate administrators, can set up permissions on their own and also have a unique look and feel by having a different theme. Get rich content by using the various widgets provided. You can insert dynamic content like videos, presentations, polls and also share reports among the team.

Organization Intranets Wiki

Organization Intranets

Create a centralized workspace for your organization. Run the intranet with no specialized software or servers. Upload Company Policy documents, Presentations and access them online. Publish content quickly and keep your intranet content dynamic. Use widgets to insert interactive content like YouTube videos, Powerpoint presentations etc. Enterprise level security guaranteed with fine grained access controls. Dashboard view helps you see the latest changes in the intranet.

Online Knowledge Base-Wiki

Online Knowledge Base

Build an effective knowledge base for your business; ensure data is always up-to-date. With E-Mail notifications and RSS feeds, watch wiki/page stay up-to-date on the changes happening in the Knowledge Base.Create a collaborative environment for developers and technical writers to ensure data accuracy in the help manuals they create. Publish content in different formats like PDF and Word.



Create classroom spaces and share resources with students and fellow teachers. Build interactive course content using images and videos and ensure student participation. Involve parents too, by sharing the activities of their children. Students can see and learn from each other to create a truly collaborative learning environment. Upload important research documents, share it with professors and fellow research scholars.

Collaborative Knowledge Sharing

Provide an easy way to create and share content

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