Wiki Notifications

Up-to-date changes at your fingertips

You need not email a single document to your group and get ten different versions of the same. Instead keep yourself abreast of the latest updates through instant RSS feeds or notifications.

In order to avoid such email chains Zoho Wiki offers intuitive ways to stay updated through

Email Chains vs Wiki Collaboration

Emails are not well suited for collaboration purpose because

  • Lots of mails will be sent by each person involved in the discussion
  • Difficult to stay up-to-date and miss the latest detail due to email overload
  • Waste time in searching for latest correspondence of the email thread

RSS FeedsTop

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds is a group of web feeds that lets you to keep informed about the updated contents from blogs, external news sites or pages within your web sites.

  • Syndicate your content with RSS feeds created for each wiki
  • Configure notifications to be sent automatically at scheduled times summarizing all changes done on a wiki pages
RSS Feeds

														rss to get instant notification of page changes
Wiki Notifications

Daily consolidated email notification

Thread of CommentsTop

You can keep up-to-date information that matters to you through instant notifications and comments for a page.

  • Avoid email chains and follow thread of discussions through instant notifications
  • Configure email notifications to be sent automatically when comments are made in any pages.
  • In a glance you can get the gist of conversations which saves your valuable time
Thread of Comments

Wiki-Thread of Comments

Watch a Wiki, workspace or PageTop

If you already have access to a particular wiki and interested to get instant updates then Watch Wiki option comes in handy.

To watch a wiki or a page

  • Just click on Watch this page link present at the bottom of each page
  • A page watched successfully message is displayed
  • A link is displayed along with a list of your watched wikis or pages as My Watchlists
Watch Link

Wiki-Watch Link
Watch Lists

Wiki-Watch List
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