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"Before switching to Zoho Wiki, Niskayuna PTO used SharePoint for four years. Training and back-end customization became a nettlesome issue that got in the way of the PTO's overall goals. Now with Zoho Wiki, training is not required to customize the website and the use of Zoho Creator is much simpler than using a desktop application like SharePoint Designer. I would recommend Zoho Wiki to all educators who want to put up their own websites, share and collaborate online."
- John M. Whitney,
Webmaster for

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"The Rudolf Steiner Schule Sihlau, Switzerland (a waldorf education school) is run as a non-profit organization and is headed by a joint board between parents and teachers. With alternating board members it was always a big problem to organize the knowledge transfer especially in administrative topics. By using the Zoho Wiki, board members can now access a common platform to capture and share knowledge and keep it up to date.

- Marcus Brandle, The Rudolf Steiner Schule Sihlau, Switzerland, Waldorf Education School

  • Zoho Wikis for SchoolsTOP
  • Wikis help Teachers to create virtual classrooms for their students to stay connected beyond classroom and harness the power of an extended classroom.
  • Maintain online schedules and calendars for students to track project / assignment deadlines.
  • Host pictures, slide shows, photo galleries, video clips of school or classroom events.
  • Encourage parent's participation in classroom activities and keep them updated on their children's performance.
  • Showcase the positive happenings in a classroom or school in your website.
Carol Morgan School
English Together
Halter's Class
Halter's Class

  • Zoho Wikis for College GraduatesTOP
  • Wikis enable educational institutions to

  • Foster knowledge and create a central repository of information (i,e act as a Knowledge Base).
  • Energize students to brainstorm on a particular topic and post their ideas.
  • Build communities by creating a collective repository of information to build expertise in a subject area.
  • Organize and share articles, videos, useful links, blogs and course materials for peer groups.


Advanced Software Engg

Literacy Campaign

Venus Summer School

  • Zoho Wikis for Research studentsTOP
  • Research students can use wiki to collaborate on a group report and share the results of their research. The faculty can use the wiki to collaboratively author the curriculum of the course. Wikis can be used for

  • Creating professor's online profile about research interests, courses taught, areas of expertise etc.
  • Establishing and managing study groups and mentor matching.
  • Building intranet sites and posting opportunities to participate in a research group.
  • Host research materials for researchers who could not make it to one of the instruction sessions.
Welkers Wikinomics Global Information Village Entrepreneurship Program

The possibilities of using wikis for educational institutions are limitless and never-ending as wikis themselves.

It is very easy to create educational websites. Follow Zoho Wiki - Website Creation

Do tell us how you use Zoho Wiki in your school / college / research group / library ?

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