Create interactive course content

For Schools

  • Promote e-learning: Create virtual classrooms and deliver course content online.
  • Manage Time: Track assignment deadlines and academic schedules using a common portal.
  • Stay Informed: Update and monitor the participation and performance of students.
  • Create Student Engagement: Post activities for each topic.
  • Foster Group/Team Learning: Post group assessments for students to work together on a common goal/task.
  • Gather Feedback: Invite students to share feedbacks for each topic or activity.

For Graduates

  • Knowledge Nurturing: Build communities to develop expertise in a specialized area.
  • Encourage students to brainstorm and share ideas on a topic.
  • Share articles, videos, blogs and course content within peer groups.
  • Foster collaborative writing and develop writing communities.
  • Promote joint authoring of projects and tasks.

For Research

  • Create an online profile on research interests, courses taught, areas of expertise, etc.
  • Collate thesis documents and post work-in-progress.
  • Organize research sources, citations and quotes.
  • Host research references, and other related publications online.

Learn, share and collaborate.

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