Rich User Experience

Get started with the simple and easy-to-use editor

Create new content in a matter of minutes using our word processor like, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) Zoho Wiki Editor that offers rich formatting options.


No software to download and install. All you need is just a web browser to access your document. Open the web page to be formatted and edit it using the varied options provided by the rich text editor. You can select and use a particular WYSIWYG editor for your Wiki from a list of predefined editors

  • Advanced Editor - stocked with advanced tools panel
  • Simple Editor - with Basic WYSIWYG editing options
  • Text Editor - just a Basic HTML Editor
Advanced Editor

Wiki-Advanced Editor

Simple Editor

Simple editor for 
														wordprocessor frequent users

Insert / Edit HTML Code, Embed and Print pagesTop

  • If you are a HTML geek, click on Toggle HTML Source icon to play with the HTML code directly
  • Every wiki page is a printer friendly page and you can instantly preview a page before printing
  • Embed documents, spreadsheets, presentations from other Zoho Apps and customize your pages
Toggle HTML source

Wiki-Toggle HTML

Embed Zoho Apps

Wiki-Widget List

Attach and Track FilesTop

Create pages that looks attractive with rich multimedia contents.

  • Insert images, charts, graphics and tables (Eg: charts from Zoho Sheet charts, slide shows from Zoho Show etc
  • Embed audio and video contents from external sites, E.g.,Podcasts, YouTube video clips or upload your own
  • Manage all uploaded files as attachments at the bottom of each page
  • Keep track of details about every attached file such as file size, description, time, version and author
Insert Image

Wiki-Insert Image

Embed Video

Wiki-Embedding Video


Wiki-Attachement Details

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