Create Dynamic Group Portals with Zoho Wiki

Share work online with different teams, clients & partners

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  • ?Looking out for efficient means of knowledge sharing between different branches, departments, teams?

  • ?Want to enhance working relationship with important stakeholders like clients, vendors, partners?

Zoho Wiki offers a viable solution to bring everybody on the same page

  • With Zoho Wiki, you can create dynamic team portals where different teams
  • can come together, collaborate on the project and share their knowledge
  • Upload, store and access important documents online

  • Do Away with EMail communication
  • One of the biggest barriers in inter and intra team communication is Email. Instead of the EMail chaos, Zoho Wiki allows the team members to collaborate on their team wikis. Once a plan is put forward, the team members can put forth their ideas as comments. Zoho Wiki allows knowledge sharing between the team and by using the different widgets like YouTube Videos, PPTs, the collaboration is made more meaningful.

  • Secure Access Controls
  • With Zoho Wiki, You can create customized team and project portals, each with it's own administrator and custom permissions. With Enterprise level Security, the team members can easily be restricted on viewing and editing. For example, onsite team alone can have edit permission while the entire team can view the project details.Team portals where team member can create content and other Organization users see all the happenings inside the team.

  • Keep your Stakeholders happy
  • With Zoho Wiki, you can create private workspaces to share information about project status with clients there by introducing transparency in work. With transparency, you can build trust. Also, you can open up select information like product roadmap to vendors and partners. You can open up Europe marketing wiki to Europe partners alone and get to know their local promotional activities too. With online team portals, there is no need to configure firewalls, VPNs etc. Collaboration is made easy, even with people outside your organization.

  • Share Project Documents, Files across Teams, Branches
  • Important Team documents like Project Requirement, Design Documents, Testing guide, Client demo video can be stored in Zoho Wiki' File Cabinet. The documents can then be accessed online by the different teams involved. By maintaining the versions of the documents, old changes can also be brought back.

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