Online Knowledge Base

Key to Organization growth is effective Knowledge management. Ensuring free flow of ideas inside the company and building good rapport with partners, clients is essential for any enterprise to move to the next level. A core competent knowledge can reside anywhere in your organization and Zoho Wiki can be a channel to tap in this power.

What you gain by using Zoho Wiki as a tool for building your Knowledge base?

Knowledge base is online, thereby making it easily accessible from anywhere - be it from your home, from client's office or from your iPhone. No VPN access problems, Firewall problems etc.

Zoho Wiki powers effective collaboration, hence up- to-date and correct information is available instead of static redundant data. Any change to the content will be notified via EMail or RSS Feeds

You can easily search for information within the pages. Tags, Workspaces and Site Map help the users to navigate quickly. Content is neatly organized.

Zoho Wiki does not require complex software knowledge, so users at all levels can quickly adapt to this.

Publish content in different formats like PDF and Word.

File Cabinet

Files related to your projects, teams can be stored as a File Cabinet in Zoho Wiki.

Version History is automatically created for each document.

You can open Office files like Word documents, Spreadsheet and Presentations in the browser itself instead of downloading it to the desktop.

Also, you can create new Office file from within the browser.

Help Documentation

With Zoho Wiki, it becomes easy to create a collaborative environment for developers and technical writers, thereby ensuring product accuracy in the help manuals.

Product FAQs, Troubleshooting tips can be presented in Zoho Wiki.

The users can even leave comments on whether the solutions and answers were effective in their scenario.