Build online intranet portals.

Internal Knowledge Capture

  • Collaborate on documents with ease
  • Build customized workspaces for each team within your organization. Decide who can view what with the enterprise-level security features.
  • Manage your tasks easily with all relevant information synced to a single place.
  • Track your goals, schedules, and deadlines.
  • Create a separate portfolio for each employee.
  • Host training materials online.
  • Share best practices with employees.
  • Organize project plan documents, spreadsheets, policies and client presentations within the intranet.

Enterprise Communication

  • Collaborate about a problem and solve it faster.
  • Gather and share feedback on new projects and policies.
  • Share your documents and files across departments and branches.
  • Customize the look and feel of your intranet and retain your brand identity.

Create, connect and communicate.

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