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  • ?Need a centralized workspace for collaboration within your organization?

  • ?Want your employees to actively participate and contribute?

Zoho Wiki offers a simple and secure way to build online intranet for your business.
Stu Press
"Zoho Wiki has been a valuable communication tool that we were able to integrate into our business. We have been able to eliminate printed procedure manuals and employee handbooks resulting in a more nimble and environmentally friendly process for keeping our all of organization's people in alignment with our goals. We enjoy being able to quickly implement modifications and updates to our Wiki."
- Stu Press, CEO
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  • Traditional Intranet Vs Online Intranet
  • Traditional intranet solutions usually require a dedicated IT team for setting it up and have it running. There is a disconnect between the actual users and admin. Difficulty in updating the documents quickly make intranets just carry static content. But with Zoho Wiki, all the users can be hands on. Feature rich, easy-to-use editor lets even the person with no technical knowledge use the intranet.

    You can upload HR policies, revenue spreadsheets, supporting project plan word documents, client presentations etc and make them completely or partially accessible to select groups. Updating is easy and the changes can be intimated immediately to everyone concerned by EMails, RSS Feeds, etc.

  • Fine grained Access Controls
  • Information is under different classifications. Everybody will have a read only permission to the company's vision document . An RFP (Request for Proposal) can be viewed by all, but only the owner can edit it. There might be an open contest, where everybody in the office can contribute their ideas. And there might be occasions where a dedicated team is working on a specific project- here only the team members can access the information.

    With Zoho Wiki, You can create customized workspaces for different departments, each with it's own administrator and special permissions. With Enterprise level Security, you can decide on who gets to view what. With zoho wiki's robust custom permission system, you can restrict or grant access to a page or folder as is the case. For eg., Finance team alone can have edit permissions for the finance folder that contains payment details.

  • Share Documents, Files across Departments, Branches
  • Using Zoho wiki's file cabinet, you can upload important company documents, project manuals, etc. These files can be securely shared between different departments within the same office or between different branch offices in different countries.

    By having your documents 'in the cloud ' meaning, by sharing your documents online, geographical barriers are broken down. All the branch offices will work as a single entity. So, go ahead, try Zoho Wiki to open up your organization and bring your employees together. Collaboration is the future.

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