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Create online wikis for secure collaboration in your organization

  • ?Want a wiki that is simple to use but do not want the technical hassles of maintaining it?

  • ?Confused whether to go for a hosted wiki or download - installable wiki?

Hosted wikis on the cloud definitely have an edge over wikis that run in your own systems.

  • Zoho Wiki offers Online enterprise wikis that are secure and very easy to use. Zoho will be the SaaS provider for your wikis. There are some clear advantages of using the wiki hosted by Zoho

  • Top 5 reasons for adopting the web-based Zoho Wiki

  • 1. There is no need to maintain servers, databases etc within your organization. Along with IT cost, you get to save on tech hiring too.

  • 2. No complicated software knowledge is required for setting up the wiki. You just have to register and a wiki is created for you. With simple What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor, it is easy to get your content online with Zoho Wiki.

  • 3. Zoho takes care of the security. You get three- tiered permission architecture along with fine grained access controls. You can decide who should just view, edit the wiki pages.

  • 4. You can access your content anywhere - it is online. You are not tied up to your computer. It makes collaboration all the more dynamic.

  • 5. You can collaborate with partners, clients without any firewall or VPN problem. Zoho Wiki offers a secure extranet for your company.

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