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Technical Documentation

  • Go digital with your docs. Zoho Wiki is an ideal help authoring tool for all your business documentation needs.

  • No technical expertise is required. Just sign up and start creating content.

  • Centralize your help documention in a single, easily searchable place.

  • Access your help content from anywhere, at any time.

  • Embed pictures, graphics and illustrations to make your help content more engaging.

Organize Content

  • Create wikis and workspaces for your help documentation.

  • Organize your content in a hierarchical structure by creating pages under specific workspaces with our help authoring tool.

  • Create seperate pages for important product-related help like FAQ's, terms and conditions and user guides.

  • Set permissions for your documents. Team members can contribute simultaneously to the editing process.

  • Format content easily with the WYSIWYG editor- no need for wiki syntaxes.

  • Customization options help make your content look more aligned with your brand.

  • Roll back to previous content version with the version control feature.

Organize Content

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