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  • Earlier, for businesses that wanted to use wiki, the options were free wiki sites that didn't offer enterprise level security or high cost alternatives in the market. But now, Zoho Wiki would be the ideal bet for your company. If you are an Organization looking out for an easily affordable enterprise wiki, look no further.

  • Independent Workspaces in the Enterprise Wiki
  • Zoho Wiki has a three tiered architecture: Wiki -> Workspaces -> Pages. Within your wiki, you can categorize your content into independent and fully customizable Workspaces. So, in a business organization, it is easy to create independent workspaces for each team and more importantly, each team has its own security controls.

    Zoho Wiki enables you to have certain confidential project plans as private, share few product design pages alone with a particular team (Group Sharing) or publish common company documents to everyone in the organization (organization wide sharing). A project manager can track the functioning of each of his teams, even though each team has its own portal.

    Being online, Zoho Wiki removes the firewall constraints and makes the enterprise wiki easier to share and collaborate securely with third parties like clients, partners and vendors. You can easily build a secure Company Extranet. More...

  • Secure-Wiki
  • Enterprise Level Security - Fine grained Access Controls with Zoho Wiki
  • The users can be assigned separate permissions for viewing, editing, commenting, deleting and creating pages. This gives more control to the administrator to decide on who can edit content, who can view pages, who can post comments etc. Granular Permissions can be given at wiki level or workspace level or page level. By enabling 'only HTTPS' option, secure access can be guaranteed. More...

  • Wiki-Permission and Users List
  • Document Sharing
  • You can upload important company documents, project specification PDFs, team requirements etc. to Zoho Wiki's file cabinet. These files can be securely shared between different groups within the same office or with clients across the globe. More...

  • Branding
  • With Zoho Wiki, you can fully customize the wiki in accordance to your company's brand. More...

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Every employee can get started with the wiki. No special software knowledge is required. You can create new content in a matter of minutes using our word processor like What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) Editor that offers rich formatting options. More...

  • Notifications
  • Instead of getting caught in an EMail mess, you can choose to watch the modifications that you need to know. More...

    Move your enterprise online. Break the geographical barriers, share and collaborate with your employees, clients, partners in the country and across the globe.

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