Collaborate and share knowledge.

Organization Wikis

  • Organize content into independent and fully customizable workspaces.
  • Create unique workspaces for each team within your organization, using custom permission levels.
  • Share your content within a private group or with everyone within the organization.

Enterprise Level Security

  • Choose who can view, edit, or comment on your pages using the customizable permission settings.
  • Apply permissions at wiki level, workspace level or page level.
  • Share files between different groups in the same office or with clients across the globe.

Organizational Collaboration

  • Encourage large-scale collaboration.
  • Enjoy consistent information flow at all levels.
  • Multiple users can contribute or edit content simulataneously.


  • Customize your wiki to align with your company's brand.
  • Move your enterprise online. Break geographical barriers, share and collaborate with your employees, clients, partners in the country and across the globe.

Collaborate beyond boundaries.

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