User Administration

Set Permissions & Take control of your wiki

Zoho Wiki allows you (Owner) to manage your Wiki through an intuitive web interface with total control from a single place.

The wiki owner or administrator can

  • Assign access privileges like Read / Write for Group Users, Individual Users, Registered Users, Domain Users, Public Users, Organization Users
  • Set Wiki, Workspace or Page level permissions for users
  • Customize look and feel of the website for members
  • Have permissions to Restore, Copy, Block users and Rename pages

Create and Manage UsersTop

As an authorized wiki owner or administrator you can add

  • Individual users - You can directly add the E-Mail IDs of the users you want to add. Also, you can select the users from the contact list.
  • Domain Users - You can type in your domain mail address using Company domain option. Once the domain address is set, then all users belonging to this domain will automatically have permissions to view your wiki pages.
  • Group Users - You can share your wiki pages to multiple groups. From the group list, select the groups you want to add. You can create your groups from the contact list
  • Zoho Registered Users - All Zoho registered users will have access to the wiki pages. Instead of allowing anonymous guest viewers, this will facilitate valid users to access the pages and leave their comments.
  • Organization Users - This option is available for enterprises that have bought Zoho Business. As part of Zoho Business, wiki access will be provided for all the organization users or for select organization users.
  • Public - Everybody can now access the wiki pages.
Create, Manage Users and Custom Permissions

Wiki-Create and Manage Users

Next, you can assign custom permissions when a user gets added to a particular group like

  • Reading
  • Editing
  • Deleting
  • Posting Comments
  • Creating Pages

Wiki-Permissions and Users List

Set Workspace / Page level permissionsTop

a. Workspace level Permissions

We have options to define workspace permissions at two levels

  • Set Parent Wiki permissions itself as workspace permissions
  • Set Custom permissions for a particular workspace
Wiki-Workspace Level Permissions

b. Page level Permissions

We have options to define page permissions at two levels

  • Set Parent Wiki permissions itself as page permissions
  • Set Parent Workspace permissions itself as page permissions
  • Set Custom permissions for a particular page
Wiki-Page Level Permissions

Customize site for your GroupTop

Administrator can customize the entire wiki for group members like

  • Select wiki skins/themes, change logos / titles
  • Add custom Headers/Footers for pages
  • Define stylesheets (CSS) for your pages
  • Enable instant notifications to stay updated
  • Configure your favorite language using language settings
Language Settings

Wiki-Chagne Language
Add Custom CSS

Wiki-Custom CSS

Permission to Restore, Copy and Rename pagesTop

Zoho Wiki also offers additional Admin privileges like

  • Restore Pages - Easy restore option for deleted pages
  • Copy To - Allows users to copy contents from one wiki to another one
  • Rename Pages - Rename or Edit a page title
  • You can allow users to copy the workspace contents. This action will allow others to copy the contents of your workspace. You are allowing your contents to be copied by any user, under your own risk. Zoho Wiki is no way responsible for any copyright or privacy issues.
Restore Pages

Wiki-Restore Pages
Copy to

Wiki-Copy to Menu

Wiki-Copy to Dialog

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