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Zoho Wiki allows you to build a powerful source of information which you can organize and manage it effectively in a centralized place. You can link, arrange hierarchically (in a folder structure), re-order and tag your pages which helps in fast and easy navigation


Links are the basic connectivity chains to the contents on a web page. An effective way of linking between pages provide easy access to page contents - just a single click on a link will get the desired information.

You can link pages, images, pictures, attachments, comments and external sites.

Link Attachments

Wiki-Link Attachments
Link Email

Wiki-Link E-mail
Link Pages


Reorder pagesTop

Our SiteMap helps to build hierarchies of pages in a folder fashion. With this you can rearrange pages resembling a hierarchical tree.

Using Site Map You can

  • Reorder pages, subpages using simple drag-and-drop option
  • Alphabetically index all web pages in your Wiki
  • Create Table of contents (TOC) to build chapters and sections for your site
Hierarchy of Pages

Wiki Index


Tag and Search pagesTop

a. Tag Pages

Tagging a page is considered to be the most effective way to provide accurate and detailed data for your website visitors.

Zoho Wiki provides a easy way to

  • Filter and categorize information by tagging contents
  • Quickly add tags to pages and create own tagging structure
  • Easily define your own tags to classify and relate web pages
Add Tags

Wiki-Adding Tag

b. Search Pages

Add more unique fresh contents to your website which results in more visitors and generates more traffic.

Zoho Wiki's Quick search helps to

  • Make a effective search of pages within your wiki workspace
  • Tag pages with intuitive labels so that your pages gets listed at the top
  • Filter search based on file names, contents, page titles etc
Quick Search

Wiki-Quick Searching
Search Results

Wiki-Searching Results


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