Password Security Analysis Report

Password Security Analysis Report

(Available in Professional and Entertprise Editions)

Zoho Vault provides collective information about the overall strength of enterprise passwords to administrators in the form of highly intuitive and actionable security analysis report. Admins can get a clear picture on the number of weak passwords in the organization, the number of weak passwords used by each user, average password strength and also alert users to change weak passwords.

How it works?

Whenever admins want to generate organization-wide security analysis report, they need to ask all users to run 'Password Assessment Report' that they see in their top menu bar in their Zoho Vault web interface. Once all users have generated the password assessment report, admins will be able to see the cumulative result of the organization-wide assessment. Admins can either view the number of 'weak' enterprise passwords or select a particular user from the drop-down and view the assessment data pertaining to that user.

The snapshot includes:

  • Total number of weak passwords.
  • Number of users who have generated individual reports.
  • Number of users who have not yet to generated individual reports.

Note: If some of the users fail to generate their individual password assessment reports, data pertaining to those user(s) will not be included in this report.

Steps to view security analysis report

  • Request all users to run password assessment from their end.
  • Navigate to Reports > Password Security Analysis Report
  • View the organization-wide analysis report or from the drop-down menu option, select any specific user and view the assessment data of that particular user.
  • Instruct users with weak passwords to change them.
  • Ask users to run security assessment again and confirm. You can check the password assessment report generation time of any specific individual by selecting the respective user from the drop-down menu.
  • Send a reminder to those users who have not generated the password assessment report.

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