Looking for a RoboForm alternative?

The key to your business's security lies in finding the ideal password manager. If you're looking for a RoboForm alternative to improve your business passwords safety, Zoho Vault is a perfect fit. At Zoho, we strive to deliver services that address your needs while increasing your organization's safety and efficiency.


Zoho Vault vs RoboForm

Take a quick look at why switching from RoboForm to Zoho Vault could be beneficial for your enterprise.

  • Features Vault RoboForm
  • Features Vault RoboForm
  • Free version Yes few features
  • Extension and apps Yes Yes
  • Unlimited passwords Yes Yes
  • Unlimited storage space Yes No
  • Free sync across devices Yes Only in paid plans
  • Extensive integrations Yes No
  • Fine-grained restrictions Yes No
  • Real-time audits Yes No
  • Activity reports Yes No
  • Integration with third-party apps Yes Yes
  • Integration with Zoho apps Yes No
  • Regular password backup for recovery Yes Yes
  • Basic pricing for business   /user/month

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Last Updated On : 23/02/2024

  Robert H Director of IT, Merrick Towle Communications

One of the only password programs that controls privileges between different groups. Their support team is very responsive, and has even made changes or added features to the program we suggested would be nice to have.

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Why Zoho Vault is the best alternative to RoboForm

From improved security insights to comprehensive enterprise features, here's why Zoho Vault would be the best RoboForm alternative for your business.

Complete security insights

Zoho Vault's redesigned interface offers an all-new dashboard to provide extensive password security insights for individuals and businesses. You can view your organization's security score, keep track of the total weak passwords owned by individual employees, monitor frequent actions performed, and a lot more. You can also identify and reset the weak passwords you own to bolster the security of your personal passwords. This a key feature makes Zoho Vault one of the best RoboForm alternative choices for enterprises.

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Complete security insights
Affordable for everyone

Affordable for everyone

Zoho Vault strives to make password management affordable for businesses of all sizes to ensure every enterprise has access to premium features like fine-grained password sharing, secure password backup, powerful admin privileges, extensive integrations, and much more. At just $10.8 per year for each user, choosing Zoho Vault as an alternative to RoboForm can save you a lot on your yearly budget.

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    Zoho Vault is one of the best Password Managers for Enterprise users that helps your team share passwords and other sensitive information fast and securely while monitoring each user's usage.

  • magazine-review-techrepublic

    There aren't many password managers available that offer the power you'll find in Zoho Vault. If your organization needs to share passwords with teams, you cannot go wrong with this powerhouse manager.

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    We like how Zoho Vault lives in the space between consumer password managers and high-end enterprise-level SSO federated login systems.

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Built for the future

With a steady increase in the average passwords handled by employees year after year, organizations must adopt modern solutions to combat cyber threats. One efficient way to mitigate such threats is by adopting passwordless authentication using single sign-on. Vault is already equipped to help businesses adopt single sign-on (SSO) services in large scale for their applications. Businesses can configure SSO for unlimited cloud apps and provision access to authorized users, effectively preventing password fatigue within the organization.

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Built for the future

Switch to Zoho Vault: the best alternative to RoboForm for your business

If you require help with onboarding or identifying if Zoho Vault is the best RoboForm alternative for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our customer representatives will be happy to schedule a free product demo for you and your team.