Looking for a KeePass alternative?

The key to your business's security lies in finding a reliable password manager. If you're looking for a KeePass alternative to simplify your business password management, Zoho Vault is the perfect choice. At Zoho, we strive to deliver services that address your problems efficiently while increasing your organization's safety and productivity.


Zoho Vault vs KeePass

Take a quick look at why switching from KeePass to Zoho Vault could be beneficial for your enterprise.

  • Features Vault KeePass
  • Features Vault KeePass
  • Free version Yes Yes
  • Extension and apps Yes No official versions available
  • Unlimited passwords Yes Yes
  • Unlimited storage space Yes Yes
  • Auto-sync across devices Yes No (Manual sync)
  • Extensive integrations Yes No
  • Fine-grained restrictions Yes No
  • Real-time audits Yes No
  • Activity reports Yes No
  • Integration with third-party apps Yes Yes
  • Integration with Zoho apps Yes No
  • Regular password backup for recovery Yes Yes
  • Basic pricing for business   /user/month

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Last Updated On :23/02/2024

  Marc Towler Co-Founder

With its simple interface, great features, and flexible pricing, Zoho Vault didn’t just match other competing products—it outshined them.

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Why Zoho Vault is the best alternative to KeePass

From simplifying password management to powering your business security with powerful admin tools, here's why Zoho Vault would be the best KeePass alternative for enterprises.

Made for everyone

Millions of users manage passwords on a daily basis, and a lot of them tend to be less than tech-savvy. Keeping this in mind, we've built a simple user interface to effectively to handle passwords for everyone. Unlike KeePass, users can set up their account in minutes and easily access all their passwords using Zoho Vault, making it one of the top KeePass alternatives available.

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Made for everyone

Best-in-class security

In addition to its industry standard AES 256 encryption and zero knowledge architecture, Zoho Vault offers comprehensive features—such as real-time audits and visual reports—to closely monitor every user's activity. Vault's dashboard also offers extensive security insights on every password saved in your organization to help you identify and reset all weak passwords you own. Admins can also customize and restrict user access to features they deem unnecessary—another reason why Zoho Vault could be your ideal KeePass alternative.

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Best-in-class security

Powerful enterprise features

Teams within an enterprise often need access to multiple passwords at short notice. It's important to ensure these passwords are available around the clock without compromises on access restrictions. Unlike KeePass, every business admin gets access to vital enterprise features, such as password access control, emergency access, passwordless authentication, and many other features that safeguard your critical business passwords.

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Powerful enterprise features
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    Zoho Vault is one of the best Password Managers for Enterprise users that helps your team share passwords and other sensitive information fast and securely while monitoring each user's usage.

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    There aren't many password managers available that offer the power you'll find in Zoho Vault. If your organization needs to share passwords with teams, you cannot go wrong with this powerhouse manager.

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    We like how Zoho Vault lives in the space between consumer password managers and high-end enterprise-level SSO federated login systems.

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Dedicated customer support

Another aspect where Zoho Vault stands out as the best alternative to KeePass is customer support. KeePass does not offer real-time email or phone support, and this limited availability can be very stressful when you're unable to perform business critical tasks. In complete contrast, Zoho Vault offers customer support over email and phone on a 24-hour/five days a week schedule. We also provide easy-to-access help documentation with in-depth details for all features to help address every customer's needs.

Made for enterprises

Switch to Zoho Vault: the best alternative to KeePass for your business

If you require help with onboarding or identifying if Zoho Vault is the best KeePass alternative for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our customer representatives will be happy to schedule a free product demo for you and your team.