Data Backup

Data Backup

(Available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions)

A reliable backup mechanism is crucial for disaster recovery purposes. Zoho Vault provides an option to  do a periodic backup of secrets owned by you and send them as an encrypted HTML file to your registered email address.

How secure is the data backup?

All the secrets will remain encrypted in the HTML file, and you will need to supply the passphrase to access your secrets. Even if someone gets the encrypted HTML file, the file can not be decrypted without the passphrase. There is also a provision to exclude certain users from the backup process.

A word of caution:

  • The data backup works similar to the offline access provision and is independent of the online copy.

  • The secrets stored in the encrypted file  are accessible as long as the users remember their passphrase.

  • Once the encrypted file is emailed, administrators will not have any control in restricting access to the backup data.

Whenever a team member with access to the backup data leaves your organization, it is highly recommended to reset your passwords.

How do I configure data backup?

  • Go to Admin >> Data Backup >> and click  the Enable Backup check box.

  • How Often: Select One

                             a. Weekly - Select this option to receive the encrypted backup file weekly on any day of your choice (Monday to Sunday).

                             b. Daily - Select this option to receive the encrypted back up file every day.

  • Click Save.

Note: By default, the encrypted backup file will be sent to all the users of the organization. However, you can exempt specific users from receiving the file using the Exempt specific users / Modify exemption option available in the web console.

How do I exempt specific users/modify exemptions?

  • Go to Admin >> Data Backup >> and click the Enable Backup check box

  • Click  Exempt specific users / Modify exemption.

  • The Users field will display the list of users in your organization. Select the list of users who should not receive the backup encrypted file, and add them to the Exempted Users side.

  • Click Save.

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