How are coupons in Zoho Subscriptions differentiated?

Coupons in Zoho Subscriptions are differentiated by their redemption type.

Redemption Type refers to the number of times a coupon can be applied to a particular subscription.

Coupons are of two redemption types.

  • One Time
  • Forever

One Time

One Time can be chosen as the redemption type when a coupon is to be applied only once for a subscription. In other words, a coupon of one time redemption type can be used only once.


Forever can be chosen as the redemption type when a coupon needs to be applied each time an invoice is raised for a subscription.

If you no longer want to apply this coupon to a subscription, the coupon can be removed by selecting the subscription from the Overview section of the Customers tab.

Note: You can also manually enter a validity period for a coupon using the Valid Upto field.

Valid Upto field

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