What if I need to make changes to a completed payroll?

It’s sometimes the case that you want to change some details of a pay run. There might be the case of incorrectly entered hours worked, or even an employee’s compensation might have changed. For all this to reflect, you can correct your last payroll.​

Note: Correction payroll can only be run for the most recent pay run.

To correct the last pay run,

  1. In the Pay Runs tab, click Create Pay Run in the top right corner.
  2. Select Correct Last Payroll from the drop down.​
  3. Confirm the pay period and click Make Correction in the pop-up​.​
  4. In the screen that follows, enter the revised data.​​
  5. Select a new pay day and enter a reason in the notes section.
  6. click Save and Continue. You’ll find the updated summary.​
  7. click Approve Payroll.

Record the payment on the pay day if you have configured manual payments. In case of direct deposits, payments will be automatically made on the selected pay day.