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Cathleen Mahoney


Language assessment platform

Using Zoho Invoice since:


Bright Language is a digital platform that allows companies to administer online language assessments in order to make informed recruitment decisions and ensure that applicants have the right linguistic skills for a role. The success story of Bright Language can be traced back to its founder and mastermind, Cathleen Mahoney. Realizing the lack of standardized language assessments available on the market, Cathleen laid the foundation for Bright Language back in the early 90’s. Yes, the floppy disk era!

Fast-forward 30 years, and Bright Language now offers tests for 11 languages in 80 countries. The tests they develop have been adopted by colleges and universities and are highly accredited in the corporate training sector. Bright Language has been using Zoho Invoice for 11 years to manage their billing requirements in both their France and US branches. We were lucky enough to have a conversation with Cathleen herself, and here is what she had to share:

The search for a comprehensive tool

“Initially, we were using spreadsheets for invoicing. However, as our business grew, we found it time-consuming and no longer pertinent to our business. We realized our need for a comprehensive invoicing tool, and that’s when we came across Zoho Invoice.”

How Bright Language uses Zoho Invoice

“In our business, language assessment tests are the services we offer. We added these services as items in Zoho Invoice. We bill them depending on the number of tests a company takes. For example, if a company takes 500 tests in one quarter, we invoice them accordingly.

“Once the invoices are created, we email them to the client. In case they prefer a physical copy as well, we just add a quick note in the email that we will be sending it through the mail soon. For collecting payments, we have integrated Zoho Invoice with Stripe. We find it really convenient because our customers can easily enter their card details and make payments quickly. Sometimes our clients prefer bank transfers. In those cases, we record the payment in Zoho Invoice manually.

“To connect Zoho Invoice with other apps and automate workflows, we use Zapier.”

Why Bright Language loves Zoho Invoice:

“We have been using Zoho Invoice for 11 years and find it very reliable. Whenever we need help, we just drop an email to the support team who are very responsive. That’s what we like the most about them.

“In addition to Zoho Invoice, we also use Zoho Forms to collect customer information, and it’s really useful. We are Zoho fans!”

Cathleen was looking for a comprehensive invoicing solution and found Zoho Invoice. How is your search going?


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