Zoho Inventory


How do I setup my organization properly?

It is really simple to set up an organization in Zoho Inventory and you can do so in your own style. We have laid down a few steps below that will help you to set it up with ease and make the most of Zoho Inventory to build your trade.

Step 1 - Update organizational details

Step 2 - Set your preferences

Step 3 - Configure your Taxes and Tax groups

Step 4 - Configure the currencies you deal with

Step 5 - Invite Users - Bring your workforce on board.

Step 6 - Customize & apply templates for order, invoices and emails - (optional) Add a personal touch to your transactions and emails.

Step 7 - Integrate with online payment gateways - Receive payments safely and instantly.

Step 8 - Integrate with shipping channels - If you find a carrier inside our integration page that you already use, then integrate with them to start shipping via that carrier.

Step 9 - Integrate with sales channels - (optional) Expand your reach to new markets - If you sell goods online, then its best that you have them integrated with your organization right of the bat.

Step 10 - Import existing data

On doing these, you can proceed to use Zoho Inventory to its fullest potential.