Zoho Inventory


Sales Orders

  1. How to create a sales order?
  2. How do sales orders work?
  3. How do I import/export sales orders?
  4. Is there any back order arrangement?
  5. How can I sell my product with different Units?
  6. Is there any to set limit to number of items in sales orders?
  7. How can I add a sales person to my sales orders?
  8. How do I record the terms and conditions of sale in my sales orders?
  9. How do I add custom fields to my sales orders?
  10. How do I monitor the status of my sales orders?
  11. Can I re-use a sales order number that has been deleted?
  12. When I merge two sales orders, will the common items in it get merged as well?
  13. How do I partially cancel a Sales Order?
  14. How do I undo the partial cancellation on a Sales Order?
  15. Can I raise backorders as well as dropshipments for the same sales order?
  16. How do I add items in bulk to my transaction?
  17. How do I show the Tax Summary Table on my sales orders?