Zoho Inventory


How do I create a composite item in Zoho Inventory?

To create a composite item:

  • Navigate to Composite Items tab.
  • Click on the quick-create button (+) beside the Composite Items module on the sidebar or +New button on the right top corner.
  • Enter all the necessary details inside the fields provided in the Composite Item creation page. (Note: Fields that are labeled in red are mandatory).
  • Under Associate items field, add the items and quantity of these items that constitute the composite item.
  • You can also include service items by clicking the Add Services option.
  • Click Save to successfully create the composite item.

New composite item page bottom

Now that you have successfully created a composite item, let’s take a moment to study the module before we see other management and operation tools for this module. You can learn about navigating through the composite items page here.