A look back at the evolution
of Zoho Books through the years

  • 2020
  • VAT-compliant Oman edition launched
  • Zoho Books for Windows 10
  • Vendor portal for easier collaboration with vendors
  • E-invoicing for India
  • Free plan introduced in the India edition to help small businesses manage accounting for free
  • 2019
  • VAT-compliant Bahrain edition launched
  • Budgeting to analyze business performance by comparing projected vs. actual budgets
  • Recurring journals for automatic creation of journals at regular intervals
  • PSD2 compliance for protecting consumer information and preventing payment fraud in the UK
  • First direct partner bank integration in UAE
  • 2018
  • ZATCA approval for Saudi Arabia edition, and FTA accreditation for United Arab Emirates edition
  • MTD-compliant UK edition launched
  • Transaction approval added to ensure transaction accuracy
  • First direct partner bank integration in India
  • E-way bills for consignments to simplify transferring goods in India
  • Landed cost to calculate full cost of items
  • 2017
  • All-new GST-compliant Zoho Books launched for India
  • Zoho Books United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia editions launched
  • Documents and autoscan to simplify transaction creation and further reduce data entry
  • 2016
  • Zoho Books Australia edition launched
  • Advanced reporting functionalities like reporting tags to further filter down data
  • 2015
  • Zoho Books UK edition launched
  • Workflow automation introduced to reduce manual efforts and automate mundane tasks.
  • Zoho Books Canada edition launched
  • 2014
  • Zoho Books relaunched with brand-new UI
  • Zoho Books US edition launched
  • Zoho Books became multilingual to cater to clients around the world
  • Went mobile with the introduction of iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Customer Portal simplified communication and gave clients access to all their transactions in one place
  • Auto-charge made recurring payments effortless
  • Inventory tracking and reporting to stay on top of stock coming in and going out every day
  • Zoho Books for Windows 8.1
  • 2012
  • Direct bank feeds to avoid manual uploads and simplify reconciliation
  • 2011
  • Zoho Books launched
  • Cash Flow Statement added to expand reporting capabilities
  • Time tracking to help project-based businesses keep track of billable hours
  • Customization capabilities like custom fields to adapt Zoho Books to fit every business need
  • Recurring expenses to track repetitive spending and save time for business owners
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