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Swiss marketing firm mylokalesuche GmBH unifies its tech stack and saves time with Zoho's contextual integration.

mylokalesuche GmBH is a digital marketing and advertising firm based out of Bern, Switzerland. Since 2010, mylokalesuche's goal has been to share its technological vision and know-how with business owners by creation and realization of marketing strategies as a budget-based full service, including website and content creation, graphic design, search engine optimization, brand communication, social media marketing, and online advertising.

With a team of digital growth experts, mylokalesuche serves over 4,500 customers big and small, empowering growth through digitalization and technology adoption.

Since Mylokalesuche's projects include long-term contracts with customers that involve website maintenance and customer support, the subscription billing model was a natural fit for their business.

When they started looking for subscription billing software, the ability to integrate with Zoho CRM, their existing CRM solution, was crucial.

We were impressed with Zoho Billing' in-depth and contextual integration with Zoho CRM. Also, the platform is so intuitive — it didn't even take me a day to get familiar with the interface.
- Stefan Eichenberger, Co-founder & Managing Director, mylokalesuche GmBH

Another reason they chose Zoho Billing was the extensive help with on-boarding and implementation offered by CleverBridge AG, a Zoho partner based out of Switzerland. "The CleverBridge team was a huge help with the implementation process. They are well informed on local regulations and compliances, and we appreciate their continuous commitment and support," Eichenberger said.

The solution

mylokalesuche now has a complete path for their customers' journey, starting with Zoho Creator. Eichenberger's team has built a custom application in Zoho Creator to manage contracts with customers before they sign up for a subscription.

As our customers choose the services they'd like to sign up for, our Zoho Creator app generates a contract electronically. The integration between Zoho Creator and Zoho Billing then automatically creates a subscription and the related invoice accordingly that we can send out to customers. We have automated that very much.

From Zoho Billing, the subscription details are then passed to Zoho CRM, which helps their sales and other customer-facing departments. "We love the seamless flow of customer information from Zoho CRM to Zoho Billing and vice versa. Whenever we get inquiries from customers on their subscription or billing, our team can look up those details right within the CRM, and this is a huge time saver," said Eichenberger.

By integrating Zoho Billing with their front-office applications, they have eliminated vast repetitive manual data entry while ensuring smooth and contextual flow of data.

The benefits

According to the mylokalesuche team, the major benefit of choosing Zoho Billing is that it connects well with the other apps they use across the company.

Besides the previously named applications, they also use Zoho Desk, Analytics, Assist, Campaigns, Cliq, Meetings, People, SalesIQ, Sign, Social, Survey, Vault, and Writer.

"Since Zoho apps work like a single integrated system, we don't need much time to train our employees and get them on board," Eichenberger said.

Marketing and Advertising
Using Zoho Billing since
"We were impressed with Zoho Billing' in-depth and contextual integration with Zoho CRM. Also, the platform is so intuitive—it didn't even take me a day to get familiar with the interface!"
Stefan Eichenberger profile
Stefan Eichenberger
Co-founder & Managing Director, mylokalesuche GmBH
mylokalesuche GmBH's favorite features:
Integration with Zoho Creator
Creates a subscription automatically once a contract is generated.
Integration with Zoho CRM
Saves time with contextual information flow.
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Zoho is a software company that ships 45+ products globally. Operating on a subscription pricing model for more than 20 years has given us the opportunity to face and overcome the practical pain points of subscription businesses. Let us solve your subscription billing challenges, together.

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