Score Survey Results

Score or weight your survey's results to provide you with a better picture of each respondent. Teachers and professors, try Zoho Survey to create paperless tests!

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Simplified Analysis

Scoring gives your data a mathematical representation. It's easier to analyze when you have a number to represent your results.

For example, when a product is being rated on multiple factors, like quality, customer service, price, and packaging, with 10 points being assigned to each factor, a total score of 48 lets us deduce that it's a pretty successful product. That single metric can provide a complete picture of how things are going.


The Importance of Assigning Weights

Each factor may not have an equal level of importance. Perhaps quality is more important than packaging. In this case, we'd assign a higher weight to quality rates, giving us a more relevant and accurate result.


Scoring for Teachers

Assign points for the right answer and no points for the wrong ones—that's all it takes to turn Zoho Survey into a test. Once your students have taken the test, you can see the scores immediately with our real-time reporting capability.


Scoring for Organizations

The higher the score, the better the respondents' perception of your organization. All you need to do is assign a positive value for each positive option, a negative value for a negative option, and a zero value for a neutral option. Combine this feature with the Zoho CRM integration and you can give your sales team clear reasons for why potentials are happy, unhappy, or neutral about your proposals.