Scoring survey results.

Score or weight your survey's results to provide you with a better picture of every respondent. Teachers and professors can use Zoho Survey for paper-less tests.

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Scoring for teachers.

Assign points for the right answer, and none for the wrong ones. That's all it takes to turn Zoho Survey into a test. Once your students take the test, you can see the scores immediately via our real-time reporting capability. No more paper based tests! Use your students' scores to sharpen your teaching techniques. Move to Zoho Survey and leave grading behind.

Weight your responses.

Some questions are more important than others. Assign a higher score or weight to answers of specific questions and get a one-stop view of your customers' perceptions by looking at the score. A single metric provides you with a complete picture of how things are going.

Score your respondents.

Score each respondents' perception based off their answers. The higher the score, the better their perception of your organization. All you will need to do is assign a positive value for every positive option, a negative value for a negative option, and a zero value for the neutral option. In the end, the more positive your respondents' perception of you is, the higher your score will be and vice versa. Combine the feature with the Zoho CRM integration and you can give your sales team a clear reasons for why potentials are happy, unhappy, or neutral to your proposals.