Zoho CRM integration with Zoho Survey.

Combine your survey responses with CRM data to find out what makes your customers happiest, and improve your sales team's effectiveness, one answer at a time.

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Improved retention

Score your customers' answers to identify where you stand with them. Improve retention by asking the right kinds of questions.

Keep your sales and support up to date

Give your sales and support teams an edge by keeping them updated on your customers' latest survey responses. Sync responses in Zoho CRM and use real-time reporting to make sure your teams know the latest information about every lead and customer.

Zoho Campaigns integration

Use Zoho Campaigns to send out your surveys to any group you choose. See how your audience interacted with emails in Campaigns, and responded to questions in Survey. Give your team an organized view of all this data in Zoho CRM.

Deeper insights

Easily add survey links to CRM email templates. Merge tags with Zoho CRM to see how everyone is responding, when they answered your survey, and which email campaigns they were sent. See details in your Zoho Survey account or your Zoho CRM account as responses come in.