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Reasons to Conduct a Parent Survey

Parents are the decision makers for their child's education. Encouragement and a loving environment at home play huge roles in children's success. Schools need to energize parent involvement in their child's education. And they need to understand parents' opinions when making key academic decisions.

Surveys help schools receive data from these parents. A well-designed survey helps administrators and teachers analyze parent participation and satisfaction; gather valuable feedback for every class; understand the climate at home, learn their opinions on curriculum and facilities, and much more.

Conducting a Parent Survey

Schools need to focus on two questions while creating a survey for parents:

Parent survey
How do I reach the parents?

Zoho Survey can help you with its many response collection tools. Send your survey as an email, post it on your website, collect it offline, or do all of the above. The primary goal is to reach most parents. Remember that parents are very busy and should be reached when and where they feel most comfortable.

Making a Difference

Once you collect all your responses, sift through them to find common patterns of distress among parents. Concentrate on these issues and put policies in place to address them. Communicate the change to the parents and let them know that their thoughts are given serious consideration.