Unlock greater potential with offline surveys

Take the power of your surveys to the next level with offline surveys. Collect responses without the internet. Use them to gauge customer satisfaction instantly or to get fast-tracked feedback from attendees at your next event.

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Offline survey - Track you Feedback Easily
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Create Amazing Offline Surveys


Kiosk mode

Eliminate the need for manual device operation with timed surveys and pages that automatically refresh after every response. Kiosk mode helps you quickly gather survey responses at trade fairs, restaurants, malls, airports, etc.


Password protection

Avoid data tampering by restricting your field team’s access to the admin console. Offline surveys are password protected to ensure your data is accurate and authentic.


Automated upload

Automatically upload responses as soon as your internet connection is restored. Simply enter your password before handing out your surveys or after the responses have been collected.


Multilingual surveys

Distribute offline surveys to respondents in their native language and connect to your respondents on a deeper level.


iOS and Android

Take your surveys with you wherever you go using the Zoho Survey offline feedback app on your iPad and Android tablets. Get real-time reports on your website with webhooks. Guest login is available for field representatives and third-party agencies.

Explore new horizons

Offline surveys have a wide range of practical applications, especially for field survey teams obtaining ground-level data in remote locations.

Market research/Product launches

Tap into the voice of your customer with marketing surveys to gauge public reception before or after your product/service launch. Offline surveys are particularly useful for door-to-door sales and marketing.


Plan and run your event smoothly with pre, mid, and post-event surveys. Stop relying on your internet connection and gather essential feedback from attendees at any venue in any location.


Understand the needs of your patients, even in remote clinics and hospitals using indispensable healthcare surveys. Government officials can use them to prevent disease outbreaks and ensure that healthcare technology is accessible to all.


Conduct exit polls and collect opinions from any location with offline political surveys. Offline surveys can also be used to record census data.

Offline Survey Practical

The offline feedback collection app

The offline survey feature allows you to collect responses without an internet connection. It’s particularly useful for field agents assigned the task of collecting responses on behalf of the survey admin. All the attributes of the offline feature are loaded into the a offline feedback collection app, making it extremely convenient to use.

Offline Feedback App

Prevent data loss

Your data is stored in the app’s cache memory instead of the browser. This prevents accidental loss of data and keeps your information safe.

Eliminate dependency on internet connectivity

Carry your surveys to remote locations without worrying about your internet connection.

Automate operations

Take quick polls using kiosk mode, which eliminates the need for manually refreshing the device after each response.

Protect your reports

Restrict access to the admin console and protect your data at all times.

Gain the edge

Widen your horizons with offline surveys. Easily and effectively target mass market segments and collect authentic data responsibly.


Extend your reach

Access a wider audience beyond your online respondents.


Target segments

Connect with niche audiences by offering surveys from any location.


Ensure accurate data

Minimize the risk of data manipulation and breaches.


Reduce your effort

Eliminate the need for manual device operation with kiosk mode.


Save paper

Eliminate the hassle of using paper surveys while cutting back on waste.

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