Converse with your respondents.

Tailor your questions to suit every respondent, pre-fill answers for respondents you know, and use the answers your respondents provide to ask the next question. Escape the constraints of the traditional paper survey.

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Give your surveys fluidity.

Pave the path for your users to follow. Change the questions and pages that appear based on answers they previously provided. Segment your audience to get much clearer and relevant information. With question and page logic you can set questions or pages to appear only when a certain option is selected in a multiple choice question. Use piping to change the wording of the follow-up questions depending on previous responses.

Pre-populate your answers.

Help respondents you know by filling in answers to the basics. Send out your surveys with Zoho Campaigns or Zoho CRM, and respondents will be able to see their information pre-filled in the survey. The information would be taken from the Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaign database. You could even have answers filled with information grabbed from the URL. You don't even need to ask your respondents for their details. As long as your contact's information is stored in Zoho Campaigns or Zoho CRM, you could know who responded to your survey.

Automate email notifications.

Send a thank you note to every respondent once they finish your survey and get real-time alerts that they have responded. Change the email you send depending on the responses. You can also have your reports scheduled to deliver periodically or use "Email Triggers" for immediate notifications about every single response.