Survey Help

Getting Started

Creating a survey helps you ask questions in an organized way that is useful to making your product or service better. This method assists in collecting data to gather multiple insights from comprehensive reports. To get answers, creating is the first step.

To create a survey:

  1. Click on the create survey button
    create survey
  2. Pick one of the given options to begin creating the survey
    select option

Blank Template

Select a blank template to create a brand new survey from the ground up.

  • Click Blank Template
  • Name your Survey
  • Click Continue


Find ready-to-use templates under different categories. Pick a template to use for your survey. You can edit the template questions to include relevant options; add new questions or delete questions.

    • Click Template
    • Name your Survey
    • Select the template of your choice
    • Click preview to view the survey example
    • Click Continue

Existing Survey

Need to create similar surveys? Create a copy of an existing survey to reuse.

      • Click on Copy Survey
      • Name your survey
      • Select the survey to be copied
      • Click preview to view the selected survey
      • Click Continue

Once you have completed the first steps to creating a survey, you will be taken to the Survey Editor page. Proceed to the next step - create the questions and answer choices on your survey.