2021: Explore, Learn, Grow, and More

Ragunath Shanmugam  Dec 08, 2022

14 survey mistakes to avoid.

Surveys harness customer potential with ease when framed in the right way, unburdened from amendable mistakes. Hearing out your customer's opinions and thoughts in every part of your business plan expresses a personal effort that shows your concern and readiness to improve for your customer.

Customer-centric solutions

Waheeda Qaiyum  Dec 31, 2021

Customer-centric solutions using Voice of the Customer (VoC)

A good VoC strategy can help you create and successfully execute an actionable plan to improve customer satisfaction. The voice of the customer, customer satisfaction, and customer experience go hand in hand in growing a business.

How to tell a legitimate survey from a scam

Waheeda Qaiyum  Jul 30, 2021

How to screen panels for valid survey responses?

Survey screening questions, also called "screeners", go beyond general demographics and use more specific criteria to qualify participants.They are asked before the actual survey begins. This way, you can ensure the right audience is responding to your survey.

COVID-19 vaccines

Waheeda Qaiyum  May 10, 2021

Customer touchpoints and their impact in your business

Each customer touchpoint is an opportunity for companies to interact with their customers and create a meaningful experience for them. A better experience can be anything that makes a tedious process seamless or a purchasing experience that creates a loyal customer.


Sangeeta Bose  Jun 10, 2021

Measure and Grow Customer Loyalty With Your NPS Survey

It’s always great to get a fresh perspective by gathering customer opinions about your brand, product, or business. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one such tool to help you measure customer experience and predict business growth.

The Insight

Waheeda Qaiyum  April 12, 2021

Fraudulent data in online surveys and What can you do about it

Data quality is key to successful market research. One of the problems faced by organizations conducting research is fraudulent data provided by nefarious individuals.

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Waheeda Qaiyum  Mar 1, 2021

Questions that will help you determine your school climate for students.

Understanding the impact of school climate for students is crucial to improving the environment and the overall school experience.

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Waheeda Qaiyum  Feb 10, 2021

12 Most Effective Ways to Collect Feedback & Reviews

What if we told you there's a better way to sell your brand than just marketing it? All you need are two things: feedback and reviews.

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Sangeeta Bose  August 10, 2020

Survey completion rate vs. response rate: Differences explained

Terms like response rate and completion rate are frequently used by marketers and surveyors.

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Sangeeta Bose  June 29, 2020

9 tips for writing great survey questions

While numerous considerations go into making a survey, perhaps the most important one is deciding which questions are going to capture the data you need.

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Sangeeta Bose  Jun 10, 2020

Anonymous surveys when and how to use them

Participants in anonymous surveys are significantly more likely to provide full, honest answers, giving you data that can make a real difference your survey questions.

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Sangeeta Bose  April 26, 2020

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research

Quantitative and qualitative research are two different, complementary methods of gathering information for surveys and any data.

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Sangeeta Bose  April 6, 2020

Scaling your survey responses using a Likert scale

A Likert scale is a rating scale that helps you assess your respondent's opinion in a survey.

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Sangeeta Bose  Oct 16, 2019

Sampling error

Carefully identifying and selecting the right group of people is crucial to conducting surveys properly.

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Sangeeta Bose  Oct 16, 2019

Question errors

As a surveyor, you do not want to ruin data quality by asking confusing questions.

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Sangeeta Bose  Oct 16, 2019

Response bias

An external factor that influences a respondent to answer untruthfully is response bias.

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Sangeeta Bose  Oct 16, 2019

Confirmation bias

Confirmation bias happens when researchers interpret results in sync with one's beliefs or theories.

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Sangeeta Bose  Oct 16, 2019

Identifying the right sampling method for your survey:

The right sample is a carefully identified group that is representative of the whole population.

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Sangeeta Bose  Oct 16, 2019

How do I get more responses for my survey

Surveying is not only about asking the right questions—it's also about getting answers from the right people.

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Sangeeta Bose  Oct 16, 2019

Seven Easy steps to create a survey

Surveys help you get information about many things - whether its to collect feedback from users on a new product, or maybe or finding out which candidate they’ve voted for.

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Sangeeta Bose  Oct 16, 2019

Sample Size

How many people should you survey? Choosing the right number of people to survey is a question that often stumps statisticians as well.

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Sangeeta Bose  Oct 16, 2019

Margin of Error

The value of the margin of error goes a long way in determining how accurate your survey is.