Demographic Survey Questionnaire


Demographic Survey Questionnaire

Demographic survey questionnaires help to determine the certain aspects of the target population, such as their age, gender, and marital status. They are a part of market segmentation surveys.

  • Demographic questionnaires in marketing segmentation

    Marketing segmentation is done to reduce a large target audience into smaller, more manageable groups for marketers. It helps marketers devise a more coherent strategy for these smaller groups with similar interests,converting more of them into paying customers.


    Demography is one of the most reliable ways to divide an audience when compared to other methods. For example, consider the statement "People in the age group of 55-64 are most likely to vote". It denotes a demography (age group) that is associated with an attitude (likeliness to vote). The statement is easier to verify when compared to other marketing segmentation methods.

  • Demographic questions as a part of surveys

    Demographic questions are also often included in other surveys. Typically used as a part of a market research survey, they help researchers identify factors unique to the demographic that might affect their decisions, opinions, and responses. Demographic information enables surveyers to cross-tabulate and compare subgroups to see how responses vary between these groups.


    Demographic information should also be taken to ensure the validity of a survey's results. The subset of responders that had access to the survey might not be an accurate representation of the population addressed by the survey. This issue is called a selection bias by statisticians. A classic example of selection bias affecting survey results was the 1936 Literary Digest poll that predicted Alf Landon would defeat Franklin D. Roosevelt. It turned out that Literary Digest's readership was disproportionately wealthy and Republican, resulting in an incorrect prediction.

  • Examples of demographic questions

    With multiple question types available to choose from, you can make your own demographic survey in minutes. You might also want to consider the options to translate your survey, in case the survey addresses multi-lingual communities. Here are a few examples of demographic questions to help you get started:



    What is your gender?

    • Man
    • Woman
    • Genderqueer
    • Androgynous
    • Intersex
    • Transgender
    • Transsexual
    • Transgender man
    • Transgender woman
    • Gender fluid
    • Questioning
    • Other (please specify) ___________​


    Which age group do you belong to?

    • Below 24
    • 24-35
    • 35-54
    • Above 54​

    Race or ethnicity

    Which ethnic group do you belong to?

    • Non-Hispanic White
    • Black
    • Latino or Hispanic
    • East Asian
    • South Asian
    • Indian
    • Southeast Asian
    • Middle Eastern or Arab
    • Native American or Alaskan native
    • Others (please specify) ___________


    What is the highest degree you have?

    • Secondary School (High School)

    • College / University

    • Graduate Degree

    • PhD

    • Technical school

    • None of the above

    • None, yet (still in school)

    Household income

    What is your household's income?

    • Below $10k

    • $10k - $50k

    • $50k - $100k

    • $100k - $150k

    • Above $150k​

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