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Business Surveys

Various business owners use surveys to evaluate their businesses and their progress. Zoho Survey hosts a gallery of ready-made templates that will help business owners of various fields to conduct surveys on customers and to asses the conduct of their businesses.


A variety of surveys - for your every business need.

  • Market research surveys.


    Put your finger on the market's pulse. Our market research surveys help you keep your business on pace with the market.

  • Product development surveys.


    Develop a product that has the highest chance of succeeding in the market. From creating concepts to marketing it to potential customers, we have your business covered.

  • Brand awareness


    Go the extra mile and make your creation stand out. Build a powerful brand that loyal customers want, ask for, and always recommend.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

    Improve your customer's opinions of you. Be open to feedback to create the best possivble version of your company.

  • Human resource surveys


    Keep your employees happy and motivated. Help them achieve the best for your business by understanding their needs and aligning their desires to your vision.

  • Event planning survey


    Customize your agenda based on your participants' interests and preferences. Collect feedback from your attendees for a better event in the future.

Rita Pulliam Community America Credit Union

"Ease of use! Very easy to set up, change, and release. Love Zoho survey!"

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