How to instantly sync new data from Zoho CRM (accounts and contacts) to Zoho Subscriptions automatically?

Usually to instantly sync your new data from Zoho CRM to Zoho Subscriptions, you can use the Instant Sync button under Zoho CRM Integration to sync your new data instantly. If you want to automate the process, then follow the steps below which uses webhooks to automate the process.

To create a Webhook in Zoho CRM,

  • Log in to your Zoho CRM account.
  • Go to Setup >Automation > Workflow Automation > Webhooks.
  • Click Configure Webhook and give a name to the webhook.
  • Input as the URL to Notify, if the module of integration in Zoho Subscriptions is either Accounts or Accounts & Contacts or input if the module of integration is Contacts.
  • Next, select Method as POST.
  • Select the required Module, either Accounts or Contacts.
  • After selecting the module, click Append Entity Parameters. Under Parameters in Standard Format, give the Parameter name as reference_id and select the Parameter value from the drop down as Account ID or Contact ID based on the module you have selected.
  • Then under Append Custom Parameters, insert the following parameters and value:
    • authtoken: The parameter value for authtoken should be the authtoken for your Zoho Subscriptions account. You can view your Active authtokens in To generate a new authtoken for your Zoho Subscriptions account, click this link.
    • organization_id: The parameter value for organisation_id should be the organization id of your Zoho Subscriptions organization with which you had set up Zoho CRM integration.
  • Click Refresh to preview the webhook URL. After refreshing, the URL should be like as follows:

For Accounts:${Accounts.AccountId}&authtoken=*********************&organization_id=**********

For Contact:${Contacts.ContactId}&authtoken=**********************&organization_id=************

After creating the webhook, you have to create a rule. Click the Rules tab present next to Webhooks in the same page.

To create a Rule,

  • Click +Create Rule.
  • Select the required Module (either Accounts (or) Contacts) and give a suitable name for that rule and click Next.
  • In the following screen, you will be asked for when you need to execute this rule. Select the option On a record action and select Create or Edit option from the dropdown. Hit Next.
  • Next, you will have to select the record for which this rule has to be applied. If you need to set any criteria, select the option Records Matching the Conditions and create a criteria. Else, you can select the option All Records and hit Next.
  • Next, lick on Instant Actions and then select Webhooks from the dropdown. You will be shown the list of webhooks that you have created from which select the webhook which you’ve created and click Associate button.
  • Hit Save once you are done with the above steps.

Once you are done with the above process, whenever you create/edit an account/contact or when you convert a lead to an account, the changes will be instantly reflected in your Zoho Subscriptions organization automatically. You will not have to manually click on Instant Sync button in the integration section.

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