We are sorry; this program isn't yet available in your region. However, we have plans to expand and we'll keep you posted in our social-media handles when we do.

The startup program is coming soon to Canada. Please stay tuned for further details.

We are sorry; we haven't yet launched Zoho for Startups for this region. If you are keen on exploring Zoho's apps, please write to sales@zohocorp.com

Scaling your business doesn't simply mean revenue growth. Developing the skill sets and managerial depth in your company—thus increasing your internal talent pool—goes hand in hand with scaling. These things don't just magically happen.

When we talk about technology entrepreneurs, they just want to focus on building their products. So when we offer them a year's access of Zoho's suite, we are essentially taking away the road block from their initial journey, which is the toughest.

As Zoho celebrates its 25 years, it has been a privilege for us to be associated with this exceptional brand since 2017. Over the years the program has connected to over 2000 entrepreneurs with focus on their customers and their passion to help startups at every stage of their journey.

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Startup entrepreneurs

If you are a startup looking to explore Zoho for your business, you are on the right path. Send in your application to take the first step towards fueling your startup's success with Zoho's software solutions.

While we intend to make this program available to all startups eventually, as of now, the program is exclusive for startups that are associated or incubated with our collaborators.

Apply for credits

Startup ecosystem enablers

If you are an incubator, accelerator, co-working space provider, or any organization that aims to help startups grow, partner with us to help startups find the right technology to run their business.

Collaborate with us

If you have registered your startup with a startup enabler, get in touch with them to learn if they are a Zoho partner and inquire about how you can join the Zoho for Startups program.

Program benefits

1.86 L LWallet CreditsReceive up to 1.86 lakhs INR worth of Zoho Wallet credits to explore Zoho.
50+Integrated Applications Choose from our catalog of over 50 integrated applications and purchase using the startup credits, which are valid for 360 days.
 Available Services The credits can be used for the purchase of individual Zoho applications, suites, upgrades, add-ons, and even monthly renewals.
24/5Support ProfessionalsGet free technical and product-related email assistance from our trained support professionals 24 hours a day, five days a week.
 Free Consultation Register for a free consultation from our Concierge team to narrow down the applications best suited for your business. Write to sales@zohocorp.com to understand and pick the applications best suited for your business. We appreciate that every business has its own unique requirements. Register for a free consultation with us and get a personalised consultation tailored to your business needs.
 Implementation / Training For training and implementation support, connect with one of our certified Zoho Partners.
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The Wallet credits will be provided in two stages—

  • Stage 1: All eligible startups can get 1 lakh INR worth of startup credits after validation.
  • Stage 2: Startups interested in hosting their email with Zoho can apply for an additional 86K INR worth of credits.

Note: The Zoho Workplace suite alone is subject to a credit limit worth of 1 lakh INR during the offer period. For this reason, the Stage 2 credits cannot be used to purchase of Zoho Workplace.

To be considered for the Zoho for Startups program, the business must be—
  • A startup, as defined by Startup India, the central government initiative
  • A free user of Zoho with no active or previous history of paid subscriptions
  • A new applicant to Zoho for Startups without any history of credit benefits with Zoho (Zoho One or Wallet Credits)
  • Registered with one of the startup enablers who are our collaborator OR recognized under DPIIT OR authorized with a certificate of incorporation provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India
  • Registered with one of the startup enablers that collaborate with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Criteria for Applying
  • Points to Remember
  • Key Points on the Wallet Credits
  • General Questions
  • Limitations
Criteria for Applying
  • How can I apply for the Zoho for Startups program?

    Head to www.zoho.com and create a Zoho account under any Zoho application of your choice, using the primary/admin email address of your organization. Then use that email address to apply for the credits by registering here. The program is currently only open to startups that are associated with our collaborators. To find out if your startup hub is associated with us and how to apply, please reach out to your point of contact from the respective hub. If they are not yet working with Zoho, you can ask them to register as a collaborator on our website.

  • I previously got the one-year free subscription of Zoho One. Am I eligible for the Wallet program?

    Those who have already had the opportunity to explore our apps through the Zoho One for Startups program are not eligible for this program.

  • I have a paid subscription to a Zoho product. Can I get any credits from this program?

    The program is not open for paid Zoho users. We launched this program hoping to provide startups with an opportunity to explore Zoho for their business. Those who have already had the chance through paid subscriptions are not eligible for the free benefits offered via the program.

  • Which countries do you accept applications from?

    The Zoho for Startups program is currently live only in India, MEA, and Indonesia, but we do have plans to expand more. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn handles to be updated of any expansion announcements from our end.

  • How can I get the additional 86K INR via the program?

    Once your application is approved, 1 lakh INR worth of Stage 1 credits will be deposited to your account, and a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. That email will have notes on how to complete the email hosting and map it to your registration in order to get the additional credits.

  • Is the program active in all European countries?

    The Zoho for Startups program is currently live only in the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands and Germany, but we do have plans to expand more. We will make an announcement when we launch our program in new regions. So follow us on twitter @ZohoforStartups.

Points to Remember
  • Do I get any special discounts or promotional credits on the renewal of my subscriptions after the Wallet credits expire?

    Unfortunately not, but you might not need it. Please check each of our product's pricing to get a better understanding of this program's one-year value.

  • We have picked the Zoho apps needed for our business. What if we need training and implementation support to meet our requirements?

    We do not provide free training or implementation assistance as a part of the free benefits. However, we have certified partners all around the world who will lend you the required assistance for a fee. We recommend that you find a partner suitable for your needs and connect with them to evaluate their pricing.

    Furthermore, all our applications have their own resource pages with neatly compiled help documents, webinars, and even video tutorials to help you get started without a hitch.

  • I am a startup with a Udyam (MSME) registration from the government of India. How can I obtain the benefits of the Zoho for Startups program?

    While MSMEs can also be referred as startups in the initial stage, they are structurally different from each other. This is why we do not include MSMEs in the Zoho for Startups program. The program is open only to those startups that have an incorporation certificate and to those that come via our collaborators. For more clarity, we recommend you to check the definitions of Startup vs MSME, as defined by the government of India.

  • Can I apply for the credits more than once through different incubators or startup enablers?

    The Zoho for Startups program is a one-time opportunity provided to startups to help them with SaaS adoption for their business. Even if you are associated with multiple startups enablers who are associated with Zoho, you cannot apply for or claim the credits more than once.

Key Points on the Wallet Credits
  • How can I use the Wallet credits?

    The Wallet credits can be used to purchase a subscription to any Zoho application or suite, like Zoho One, Workplace (Stage 1), People Plus, etc. They can also be used to upgrade the editions of already purchased apps and for purchasing product add-ons during the validity period.

  • Can I use the Wallet credits for renewal?

    Yes. If you had purchased a subscription under a monthly billing cycle, then you can use the credits for the monthly renewal of that subscription until the credits expire.

  • How do I check if the credits have been deposited into my account?

    Log into your Zoho account using the primary email address used to apply for the credits, and access your Zoho Subscription page or visit store.zoho.com to view your credits.

  • I have a Wallet balance of 500 INR. It is not sufficient for a new subscription or renewal. How can I use it before it expires?

    The Wallet credits can be used until the last day of your validity period, and they can be combined with other payment methods to renew your subscription.

  • I have some leftover credits in my Wallet. What will happen to them at the end of one year?

    After one year, the credits left in your Wallet will expire and your Wallet balance will be reset to 0. So we urge you to keep an eye out for any leftover credits and make use of them before they expire. If the leftover credits are not enough for a new purchase or renewal, you can combine them with a different payment method to complete the transaction.

  • What happens to my Wallet balance if I delete my Zoho account during the validity period?

    Your Wallet balance will be reset to 0 and you will not be able to recover your credits even if you create a new account using the same email address.

General Questions
  • I am a solopreneur running the business using my savings and funding from family and friends. Can I apply for the program?

    Of course, yes! All startups are eligible for the program as long as they can furnish an incorporation certificate, provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, validating their company's registration. As of now the Zoho for Startups program is open only to the startups who are associated with our collaborators. If you are associated with a startup enabler, we request you to reach out to them to learn if they have a collaboration with us via which you can apply for the program.

  • I have applied for the program. How long will it take for me to be accepted and receive the credits?

    It takes between five and seven business days from the date you applied for validation and processing. We appreciate your patience and will keep in touch with you if we have any queries. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need additional information.

  • The startup enabler I am associated with has a collaboration with Zoho. How do I apply for the credits?

    We request that you reach out to your point of contact from the startup-enabling organization. They can give you the steps to apply for our program through the partnership. You can also register on our webpage by picking the startup hub you are associated with from our list of collaborators.We request that you reach out to your point of contact from the startup-enabling organization. They can give you the steps to apply for our program through the partnership.

  • I wish to change my super admin account. Can you transfer the credits to a different account?

    Once the credits are enabled, we cannot transfer the credits to another account. That is why we insist on the registration form to provide the email address of the super admin account.

  • I have two admin accounts and wish to send a partial amount of the credits to the new admin account.

    Credits, once enabled, can only be used from the account to which they were enabled, and they cannot be transferred to a different account or split between two or more accounts.

  • Please extend the validity of my credits as they are due to expire in three days, but I need more time to decide on how to use them.

    The credits have a fixed validity of 360 days, which are set on the date when we enable the Stage 1 credits. This cannot be modified or extended.

  • I have accidentally purchased a Zoho Product I did not want and have cancelled the subscription. Can you refund the used credits back to my account?

    The Zoho Wallet credits are offered to the startups to help them explore our SaaS tools. We do not refund or offer prorated pricing associated with the Zoho Wallet credits, so once the credits are used, they cannot be reclaimed.

    We strongly advise you to plan your subscriptions well before making any purchases. For that, you can get assistance from our team of Concierges. For that, you can get assistance from our sales team:sales@zohocorp.com. For that, you can register for a free consultation with us.

  • Is there a limit on how many credits can be used per application?

    There is no upper limit on how many credits can be used per application, except for Zoho Workplace, which has 1 lakh INR $1500 1500€ $1500 2,000 CAD worth limit. So Workplace cannot be subscribed using the Stage 2 credits worth 86K INR 1000€ $1000 1,000 CAD . So we would advise you to plan your subscriptions accordingly.

  • Can the Wallet credits be encashed?

    No, you cannot encash the Wallet credits under any circumstances.

  • I deleted my account by mistake. I've created it again using the same email address, but my credits are gone. Can you help me retrieve them?

    The credits will be reset to 0 if an account is deleted, and there will be no way to recover them. We will not be able to enable the credits again to an account where they were already processed once.

    We strongly recommend against deleting an account to which the credits have already been deposited. If there is any need from your end to delete the account, reach out to us before you do so that we can explore any alternatives.

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