In the spirit of agile, we decided to get back to work right after our launch. Change after all, is a continuous occurrence. And all changes are directed towards betterment. With that mission in mind, we’ve rolled out a bunch of new features:


Custom work item type

Stories, Tasks and Bugs are the work item types agile teams start out with. As we sprint forward, we realized our work items fall under a much broader spectrum. Now with our update, use Story, Task or Bug as a base type to create custom work item types like “Essentials” or “Enhancements”.


Custom priority 

“Low,” “medium,” and “high” may mean different things to different teams. Does your team have work items that are “Almost-medium” or “moderately high”? Bearing that in mind, we’ve decided to customize priorities.


Multi-language support 

As our Sprints community keeps growing, we’re working to include teams from all over the world. Zoho Sprints now supports 17 languages including French, German, Portuguese and Chinese. Create team spirit by speaking to your colleagues in the words they use.

Status timeline  

In addition to the sprint timeline, Zoho Sprints now displays a status timeline for each work item. Track the status history and how long it stayed in each stage along with member details for each status transition. Know at what stage each sub-item was added and keep an eye on their respective timelines as well.


Scheduled export for work items and logging hours

Are you in charge of analyzing your team members’ workload? Whether you’re tracking daily or weekly reports, you can now schedule work items and logged hours as exports. Use our board module to filter work items on criteria like assignee, status, and priority, then choose the export format. We also support exporting timesheets for easy manageability. You can filter logged hours based on criteria like approval status, members, and sprint name.


Developer guide for API 

With our API Guide, developers or users can now extend their web applications to push and pull data to and from Zoho Sprints for application mashups. Find our guide at the Help tab or here.

That’s all for now! We’ll be back with the next update pretty soon. Until then try out these features and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Happy Sprinting!

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    Can I see a use demo