12 times our customers gave us social media goals

It’s our anniversary week! That’s right, Zoho Social is turning five this week, and we can’t be more grateful to you guys, our community.

So we decided to showcase some of the love we’ve received from our customers and fans on Twitter.

1. That time @kellyamma discovered us and immediately gained +10 social media strength:

*You’re* pretty cool, Kels.

2. When @CJScribe made the right choice on behalf of everyone, ever:

I mean, it’s not like there’s any other correct answer.

3. When @kpsingh556 stole our hearts in like 29 seconds:

What can we say, we believe in those three magic words: Attention to detail.

4. That time @InjazTech said it as it is:

Simple tweet. Great quality. We love it.

5. When @BeLegendaryBW were just, you know, being legendary:

Not all heroes wear capes; some wear headphones.

6. When @security_hessel tweeted something simply wunderbar!

Never has clicking Translate Tweet made us more happy.

7. That time @sevenjanewrites was palpably relatable:

Our writers collectively nod in agreement.

8. Five points @BrianSuman made that would make you go “Perfect”:

“Number 5 would blow your mind.”

9. That time @GreenEarthLabs used Twitter for poetry instead:

This is what keeps us all going!

10. When @boos_project made us blush:

You can’t pawsibly be so cute!?

11. When @WalterPhuego gave us the best compliment ever:

Sweet dreams are made of these.

12. And many, many more that we couldn’t include on this list:

So thankful to have this amazing community back us on this journey to make social media more fun and manageable for everyone! We have some exciting updates coming up this year for you all so, stay tuned!



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