Temboo makes the best use of Zoho Social by setting posts to schedule in advance.

Tell us a bit about your organisation.

Temboo is an IoT software toolkit that enables businesses of any size to build and run internet-enabled automated systems. Customers use Temboo to connect any type of hardware to any cloud service which simplifies retrofitting existing equipment and systems. We’re based in NYC but our customers are all over the world!

How would you describe your role?

I’m the head of marketing and communications at Temboo, so I handle a lot of the different outreach efforts that we do as a company.

How important is social media marketing as part of your marketing strategy?​

In my opinion, social media marketing is important for everyone nowadays - even companies like Temboo, which is focused on industrial businesses and manufacturers.

I liked Zoho Social because they offered all the features that I needed at a great price point. Jessica Califano

Why did you choose Zoho Social? Which are some of the other tools you considered?

I tried out a few different tools to start: Sproutsocial, Buffer, and Hootsuite. I liked Zoho Social because they offered all the features that I needed at a great price point..

What did you find the most useful about Zoho Social?

Scheduling is really important for me since I’m doing a lot of different things every day so being able to schedule content in advance is great. I also really like the iOS app because I can get push notifications for things like mentions, comments, and messages and be able to respond quickly.

What are the key challenges that Zoho Social helps you deal with?

Remembering to post on social media regularly can be tough when you are working on a lot of other projects. With Zoho Social, I know that we have content going out regularly and don’t have to stress about it.

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